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From concept to delivering the keys, we are there with you every step of the journey.





2One Projects is a versatile architectural firm, proficient in handling small intricate projects to large-scale multifunctional designs tailored to clients' unique needs. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive design solutions that encapsulate innovation, adaptability, and sustainability, while maintaining remarkable aesthetics that amplify our clients' vision.

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Construction & turnkey projects

With the capabilities here at 2One Projects, we can take away all the bother away from you, by completely covering all phases of your next project. After the final phase, all you would need to do is pick up the key.


Building inspections & renovation

After employing 2One Projects, we will be able to do a complete assessment of the current situation of the existing construction after completing various building inspections. This will lead to a better understanding of the project, while also keeping in range all the possibilities of a possible renovation or expansion.


Consultancy & Project Management

2One Projects' services aid in providing you with the best advice for the construction processes for you.


This will be done with all aspects of managing in mind, including the budget, planning and much more. Our services insist on giving the best quality while still managing the quality of the project.


BIM engineering

2One Projects uses state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) software to merge different disciplines together, creating an interaction between all information needed for the process of construction. This combination leads to a better overview of the project, that will ultimately make the construction process run as smooth as possible. 

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Property Management

As we cater to the whole process of construction, also includes the after-construction part. 

We manage our clients' assets, create maintenance plans and project manage mass renovations when needed. 


"Quality is at the heart of our work."


We strive to ensure that you get value for money. For us, a successful project is seeing our clients satisfied with the completion of their project.

This is where 2One Project's unique selling point shines through "
providing a complete service by functioning as a link between preparation and execution". We can guarantee quality and durability at every step of the process.

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2One Projects takes pride in the ability to provide clients professional services throughout the entire process of a project. From conceptual design, engineering, construction to maintenance, we ensure that our services are provided with a keen attention to detail that guarantees the clients' satisfaction.


2One Projects is a collaboration between ZN Design BV and Rosberg Engineering BV where value is added to your project by combining architecture and design with BIM-driven engineering.



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